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About us


was established on 16th January 1999, MSSB is wholly owned by Bumiputra and registered with Ministry of Finance for works of repairing of Electronic appliances, Supply of Scientific equipment, repairing of air conditioners or freezing system and repairing Medical Equipment.   It was established due to the idea, support and encouragement from companies, which were having, difficulties in obtaining services from professionals who are capable of repairing their equipment and implements.

If damage persists.  MSSB was providing services to the government and private institutions that require repair services on their damaged equipment.  MSSB also provides consultation and preventive maintenance to any customer who wants to ensure that its equipment is in satisfactory condition and quality.  Other than repairing services, MSSB is also involved in sales activities, but this is more towards fulfilling its customerís wishes and requirements.  We are chosen by these customers to supply them with the equipment, which they require because of their confidence in the high standard of services which we have provided.

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